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Carino, Stacy

In Loving Memory
Dec. 06,1995 - Sept. 19,1997

Stacy, It's been 17 years since we've held You in our arms, but You still make Mom and me smile everyday. We look at Your pictures every morning and the picture where Your hair is standing straight up like Don King cracks me up everytime. Last year grandpa Edovera, Auntie Esy and Your own dog Mellow passed away, but the thought of You welcoming them to heaven was so comforting. You would have been 19 years old this year and starting college, but You will always be our baby girl. We still have the pizza pocket that we bought for you 17 years ago. We're so weird...we have 17 year old pizza pockets and a 19 year old baby. Your brothers and Cera keep us in the present, but we can't let go of the past and won't let go.

When there's news of children getting sick, murdered or abused, the pain of losing you becomes so real again. But it's that same pain, that gives us strength and perspective. We thank God every day for blessing us with You. We can't help but wonder how You would look like now and what things would have interested You. So many things we wonder about . We miss You and think about You all the time. Love, Christian, Luke, Gabriel, Cera, Daddy & Mommy.