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Schacht, Susan

Susan Rachel Schacht
September 16, 1959 - November 6, 2014
Susan Rachel Schacht, a resident of Oakland, died at her home on November 6 from a previously undetected circulatory condition. She was 55.

Susan (Sash), a graduate of Brown University (BA, 1981) and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (MPA, 1990) was a writer and editor, an advocate for social justice, an active member of her progressive congregation, and an avid hiker. From 1991 to 1994 she was associate editor at the Regional Review, a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Sash lived life joyfully and was a source of joy to all who knew her. She is survived by her parents Mervyn and Leatrice, sister Jennie (Birdi), and brothers Walter (Cima) and Paul (Julie). Private memorials are planned in Seattle, Oakland, and Boston. The family requests that friends and relatives share recollections and images at, and that they honor Sash's memory with a donation to one of the organizations listed there.