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Nielsen, Ken W., 82, a long time resident of Orange County and retired lawyer passed away March 10, 2019. He was predeceased by his wife Rita (1994). He is survived by his wife, Lana; daughters, Nancy Bushman (Gary), Christine Taglieri (Fabio); Sons, Danny (Jill), Kenny, Jimmy (Alma), Johnny (Jeni) and Michael (Tara) as well as eight grandchildren.

Ken was born in New York, “The City That Never Sleeps.” Which is ironic because sleeping was one of Ken’s favorite things to do. His mother was from Fife Scotland and his father was from Copenhagen Denmark. Both parents needed subtitles to be understood.

Ken had two older sisters, Betty and Eileen. Betty was the eldest whilst Eileen was every bit the middle child. If Eileen ever had an understudy, it would have been Jan Brady.

Admittedly, Ken grew up with meager means. Ken was so poor growing up, he would have to eat cereal with a fork just to save milk. So when Ken joined the Army after high school, it was the best thing to ever happen to him.

The Army gave Ken his first pillow, which would explain why the Tooth Fairy never paid him a visit as a child. All of the soldiers complained about the army food, but Ken absolutely loved it. He insisted it was the best food he’s ever eaten. Which would make sense. Ken said growing up his mother’s cooking was so bad, his family prayed after they ate.

Ken was stationed in Chicago. His military claim to fame was that nobody invaded Chicago while he was on duty. Which according to Snopes is true. It’s also where he met his wife Rita, at a USO dance. He told her there is only one thing he wanted to change about her, and that would be her last name. And he did. Ken and Rita got married in June of 1957, and went on to have seven beautiful children – none more beautiful than number six.

Ken was working as a court reporter early on in his marriage, until he realized that the most expensive part about having seven kids is all the wine he and Rita had to drink. So to earn more money, he went to law school in the evenings and received his law degree in 1971.

Ken enjoyed spending time with his family, and he enjoyed spending that time even more if they were in Las Vegas or Lake Tahoe. When visiting Las Vegas, Ken was no stranger to the Golden Nugget. In fact, many say he is responsible for the addition of their new Rush Tower. And over at the Hyatt Regency in Lake Tahoe, they just called him, “Rent.”

Ken lost the love of his life in 1994 when his wife Rita passed away from being too beautiful, but was fortunate enough to find another beauty when he married his second wife Lana in 2002. Ken and Lana enjoyed traveling the world together, which would explain why there is no money left in his will.

Ken spent the last years of his life loving on his eight beautiful grandkids. From Brian & Christopher to Nicki & Kelly to Curran & Bridget to Mac & Anabelle, nothing brought him greater pleasure. Well maybe Oreo cookies did. The man loved Oreo cookies.

Services will be Monday March 18 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Ladera Ranch, CA. Recitation of the Rosary will be at 11:10am followed by his Memorial Mass at 12:00pm.


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