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De La Cruz, Sebastian Nathan

De La Cruz, Sebastian Nathan
December 16, 2006 - June 20, 2016.

Survived by his father, Andre De La Cruz; mother, Karla De La Cruz; and brother, Adam De La Cruz. Sebastian is also survived by step-mother, Christina De La Cruz, and step-siblings, Vincent and Alexandria. Our son, Sebastian, was destined for greatness. "I want to be a neurologist, daddy, so I can help with your vertigo when I get older." Inquisitive by his very nature, he was always discovering new things, questioning everything from "what was the best song ever made?"-which his father's natural response was Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven-to "if I join the Navy like you and go to war, will I die?" As a family, we attempted to feed that insatiable desire to learn more, giving him an endless supply of books, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and, his most prized possession of all, his iPad. This boy and his iPad were practically inseparable. Not so much for games, but for learning, searching for answers, reading up on athletes, and, of course, his favorite game of all-Clash Royale. This innate gift of inquisitiveness made him wise way beyond his short nine-year lifespan.

It is perhaps his gift of unending devotion to things he enjoyed that he made it one of his life objectives to become an Eagle Scout. From just a young little Tiger Scout up through two weeks before his untimely passing when he became a Webelos Scout, Sebastian loved participating in his scouting events. Camping, meetings, building things, learning about the outdoors, he looked forward to it all. In fact, two days before his passing, he said: "Can we start building my raingutter regatta?" Sebastian, although we did not get to build it together, son, I am placing it in your casket and promise to finish it with you as soon as we meet again.

Sebastian was truly an amazing boy. At such a young age, he tried to do his part to keep our home organized, cleaned, and most importantly, he made sure that his father, mother and brother felt loved and safe. He constantly reminded us about how much he loved us, in his own incessant and random ways: "Mama, I love you," "Love you, Daddy," or simply the "Love ya" short version. But our favorite one was the sound of his kisses being blown from the living room to the kitchen, from the backseat to the front seat of the car, from his bed to the hallway. When his brother, Adam, was no longer allowed to sleep with his mother, Sebastian took him in. When mother would go back to check on them both, she would find Adam already sleeping right next to his brother, all crammed up in the tiny twin size bed. Sebastian would always make room in his bed for him, even though Sebastian objected at first. His loving nature would always surface at the end. If we would start sneezing or coughing, he attentively, would pass us water, pat our back, or simply reaffirm with us to check that everything was okay. That was his nature. He would encourage his brother to take the trash out without a single complaint. When grocery shopping, he would make sure to be the first one to pop open the trunk door to start carrying the grocery bags into the house. He was truly exceptional, from the little things to the big things.

On June 18, the day prior to Father's Day, father and son got to spend one last time in their pool together, just sharing stories, swimming, and telling each other how much they loved one another-a memory that will certainly be cherished forever.

Sebastian was called to heaven on the evening of Monday, June 20. Just four days after his mother's 39th birthday celebration. His last day with us was one of the best summer days. His mother cooked one of their favorite breakfasts, an original version of a waffle, yogurt, berries and eggs combined. After breakfast, mother, brother and Sebastian cuddled in bed to read and learn about trilobites. Mama in the middle for sure, absorbing all their warmth, tender embraces and their constant shows of affection. Glorious moment! While at the pool, no one hesitated to jump in. It was a hot day. All played in the water, but mostly, mother floated. Resting on floating noodles, while Sebastian and brother frolicked all over her, picturing herself as a female polar bear, teaching her cubs how to cool off during the summer days in the water. She loved it. "Finding Dory" was next. We all had a great time during the show. Barnes & Noble came next; it was almost obligatory. It was their ritual to gather a couple of books to take home for the fun of reading. Sebastian never got to read his chosen selections. His final phrase were words of love, nothing new there. "I love you mama, I love you . . . I love you mama, I love you mom" were his last loving words to us. "Could you please, play music?" he asked. "Of course, papas!" "What would you like to listen to? Classical?" "No," he answered, "Your music, mama." That would be the last time anyone would hear his sweet voice, the last time to tuck him in, and the last time to kiss his warm cheek and forehead. Nothing was left unsaid and for that we are very grateful. We all loved and will continue loving him fully.

There is so much more joy and laughter that Sebastian has brought to so many different people's lives that it would be impossible to cover it all in these words. In a short nine years, he touched countless lives, through school, sports, church, scouts, and family.

In God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, we shall see each other again, to continue where we left off. In the meantime, rest assured that your parents will be here, waiting patiently for that day to arrive, while we cherish all these beautiful memories we created together. May you rest in peace, our son, under the embrace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mama and Daddy, and your entire family and friends, love you so much!

Rest easy my son, we look forward to holding your hand and receiving those wonderful kisses again very soon. We all miss you our love, our son, our life, our beautiful boy!

Services for Sebastian will be held at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Irvine, CA at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28. There will be a mass held at the same parish at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29, after which he will be placed to rest with his grandmother at Pierce Brothers Crestlawn Memorial Park in Riverside.

In lieu of flowers, a memorial contribution in memory of Sebastian may be given to Woodbury Elementary School, 125 Great Lawn, Irvine, CA 92620